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Ye Olde Club Shoppe

 PGAVietnam, a not-for-profit organisation, will not be held liable for any misleading advertisements posted by sellers, nor does PGA Vietnam offer any warrantee on any merchandise listed below.

Potential customers should contact the person or company offering the merchandise 
through the numbers listed with the advertisement.

Give the gift of Golf this Christmas !

Titleist 990 irons, 3-PW. Reg shaft, Rifle Shaft

Fax: (08) 733 0125

Don't know what to give your favourite hacker ?

Golf Lesson Certificates make great Tet gifts !

Fax to find a pro in your area (08) 733 0125

Tileist Vokey wedges, all lofts
CALL FOR PRICE Fax: (08) 733 0125

Titleist 975D drivers  
The Hottest Driver on the PGA TOUR !

US$525 Fax: (08) 733 0125
Callaway 7-woods (Heaven Wood) CALL FOR PRICE Fax: (08) 733 0125
Great beginner's set!!!
Lee Trevino Full Set
Woods 1-3-5,  Irons 3-9, PW, SW, Cheetah Putter
US$ 150 + VAT Fax: (08) 733 0125

WILSON "Fat Shaft" Irons and Woods, Tour bag
VGCC Pro Shop
(08) 733 0131

FLYBO Golf Balls
US$15 per dozen

Fax: (08) 733 0125

Callaway "Hawkeye" Titanium (drivers and woods)

VGCC Pro Shop
(08) 733 0131

They're HERE !  Callaway ERC Drivers... hit the ball a mile...piss off your friends !!

"Experienced" Clubs... a little scuffed, but for these prices, who cares?
MacGregor JNP irons 3-SW, stiff shafts US$300 Call: 090 726 947

Driven only on Sundays by a 
deranged golf pro !

46" graphite-shafted Titanium driver
US$100 Call: 090 726 947

The name says it all... 

ZEBRA putter US$50 Call: 090 726 947

Nice mallet headed putter for slow greens.suicide at VGCC 

Old style Wilson "Killer Whale" driver US$75 Call: 090 726 947

Purchased before John Daly 
tried to quit drinking.

Callaway "HawkEye" driver, 9-degrees, stiff shaft US$350 Call: 090 726 947

Player Switched to Titleist 975D

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