1999 SEA Games
Brunei, Darrusalem

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The most beautiful girl in Brunei. Unfortunately, she fainted during the ceremonies and the paramedics got to her before the VN coaches could try rescue breathing... From left: Robert Bicknell - VN, Craig Whitney - Thai, and Mark - S'pore Fireworks light up the night of the Opening Ceremonies...
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Quick! can you spot the mafia hitman?... Only joking! Two Russian and one Cuban cycling coaches meet one lone Yank golf coach. Robert and US Olympic Team Track & Field coach Joe Gentry discuss the fastest route to KFC... The singing wasn't bad either...
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VN Golf team coaches Robert Bicknell and Cao Van Phat share a lighter moment during the Opening Ceremonies... Tournament Director Dr. Pehin Ariffin takes a pose with our wayward golf coach. The Mosques in Brunei Darussalem were something to behold. The domes, all of them, are covered in real gold... Where can I find a ladder?...
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VN National Golf Team's Nguyen Thi Thu Giang celebrates her birthday. (From left) Giang's husband, Giang, Mrs & Mr Robert Bicknell. Robert just refuses to grow up... One of the most impressive places to visit is the Royal Museum.

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