April 27, 2008

A spiritual game for sure...and HE is listeningÖ

We always joke that if you really want to speak to G-d, donít bother going to a "house of worship" (hmm, that neutral enough?), go to a golf course because you will hear more people crying out to Him than anywhere else on the planet...especially, on Sundays.

If language is any indication, golfers are very religious and to some, golf is itself a religion and the course a temple of sorts. Well, we know Augusta National, St. Andrews and Pebble Beach are hallowed ground and for me most golf courses are spiritual.

I know that G-d likes to test people from time to time, but I suspect he decided to give me a little payback for all those BLT sandwiches. In a nutshell, I had to postpone my surgery due to a throat infection. Such is life in Vietnam, but after the usual anti-biotic treatment, I should be under the knife next week...and hopefully swinging a club again in a few months.

I still remain smoke-free, so I can attest that the acupuncture system works. Pity I cannot use acupuncture to tell torn muscles and tendons to heal themselves. Oh well.

My wife has always been convinced that peopleís opinion of my intelligence has been highly over-rated and sometimes I do things to reinforce her belief...such as trying to play golf with Ian Quek from Toro last week while my shoulder was barely hanging together by a thread.

However, I did find a way to swing without too much pain, but unfortunately, it looked exactly like Jim Furyk and the really sick thing is that it worked and felt natural to me.

This could be a problem in the future because I know G-d will undoubtedly stick me with this swing for the next few years. "I said NO pork! Ok... wise guy, try swinging like an octopus falling out of a tree for a while."


He does have a sense of humour and if you donít believe me, explain a "platypus" if you can.

Ok, while on the subject of G-d-like beings...namely Tiger Woods and Lorena Ochoa...some people have been commenting that with Tiger out of action for at least a month, we should see more competitive finishes in the upcoming tournaments because no one will have to "play for second place."

I have commented many times on my total disgust with the lack of backbone on the PGA Tour. I swear that the moment the other players hear that Tiger is in the event, they trip over themselves to screw-up and hand the tournament to him on a platter.

Contrast this to the way they talk when Tiger isnít there...oh ho...youíd think it was a promotion for a boxing match. Lots of whistling in the dark courage there...

Tiger really needs to play in Europe for a year if he wants honest competition.

Lorena Ochoa might be heading down that same road someday, but, for the moment, the ladies on the LPGA arenít giving up without a fight. Not that it makes much difference because Ochoa is beating them by seven to eleven strokes per event.

What I always liked about Ochoa is that she has an amazing work ethic and remains down to earth. As big as she gets, her head isnít in the clouds...unlike my favourite airhead...who only talks a good game but cannot deliver when it counts.

Tiger already blew his chance for a Grand Slam this year, but Ochoa is still in the hunt after winning the Kraft Nabisco Championship. Sheís already won her second major in a row, if you count last summerís British Open, so a "Tiger Slam" is possible and the Grand Slam could follow.

Next major in her sights would be the LPGA Championship in the first week of June. Pat Bradley was the last woman to win three straight majors back in 1986, while Woods is the only professionalómale or femaleóto capture four in a row.

In the meantime, Iíll be looking forward to the US Open, because I like to see players in agony, and The Open, because, while they respect Tiger over there, theyíre not afraid of him...

And that makes for some great golf.

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