July 27, 2008

In the absence of a Tiger, a Shark may roam.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me well during my recent health scare. Your support truly meant a lot to me and I thank you for it.

In the absence of a Tiger, a Shark may roam.

Can you believe what we all witnessed at the Open this year? Greg Norman, 53-years old and still technically on honeymoon with his new bride, former tennis star, Chrissy Evert, supplied all the fireworks and drama that would have been lacking according to the media "pundidiots" who felt that a "Tiger-less" Open was unworthy of being a major.

I hope they choked on their copy.

Now, while I had a strong feeling Norman would shoot himself in the foot like he always did in the past, I was truly hoping he would win just to show everyone that snow on the roof means nothing nowadays.

The last time weíd seen Greg Norman in contention at a major was 12 years ago at Augusta National where he choked pretty badly.

But, after his performance at Birkdale, Iíd say he earned forgiveness.

Norman truly made this yearís Open something to remember and more importantly, it showed a lot of young kids how to perform with style. Far too many of the current pros are colourless automatons, whereas the Shark glows brightest in the spotlight.

In the recent past, Norman seemed to have set his priorities quite differently, such as concentrating on his golf course design business, winery, clothing line and enjoying his honeymoon. He said he came to Birkdale for fun, memories, and to get ready for the Senior British Open at Troon.

But what he did was remind us all of what the pre-Tiger days were like and what the younger kids need to do.

One of the biggest differences between "normal" Tour events and the majors is that you have to shape your shots in the majors. This isnít the US "target golf" Tour where the greens accept everything thrown at them. High and straight is the rule there, whereas at the Open if you cannot hit every shot in the bag, youíll be going home early.

Norman actually had to hit a knock-down 5-iron from 120 yards on one hole.

Iíd be willing to bet Tiger Woods was watching on his big screen TV at home, just as thrilled as everyone else. How could he not be?

I used to watch Norman in his heyday and now I remember why.

But in the end, it was Padraig Harrington who won the Open for the second straight year, but it was Greg Norman who made us forget about "you-know-who."

HmmÖthe good old days were pretty good after all, but we just didnít know it.

Well, itís been a while but you knew Little Airhead would get herself disqualified once again from a tournament. The difference is that she actually put together a few good rounds, but you knew something had to happen to screw it up.

This time she broke one of the gameís most basic rules: failing to sign her scorecard before leaving the scoring area.

Believe it or not, she actually had the nerve to say "I donít know why or how it happened."

This is a college student in action folks and it makes me truly worried for the future of the planet when someone of her age and wealth doesnít know how or why they did something.

Look, we can accept the "I donít know" response from our children until they hit age 13. Heck, even my 3 Ĺ year old daughter knows better than to say "I donít know" when asked why sheís eating a cookie before dinner.

It seems that Wie simply cannot do anything right since signing multimillion dollar deals with Nike, Sony and Omega. Perhaps the pressure of actually having to show results for the money invested by those companies is just too daunting a task for an 18-year old.

Itís obvious that she turned pro far too early in her career, just to grab the easy money being dangled in front of her before it disappeared.

Well, now Little Airhead is learning one lesson the hard wayÖ

Thereís no such thing as a free lunch.

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