By Robert Bicknell

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September 16, 2007

Need tournament help? Call IGEÖ

Its amazing how something just drops into your lap when you least expect it. For example, I was wondering what to write about and my mind was a complete blank (yes, I know thatís my normal mental operating condition, but you donít need to remind me of it). You know Iím spinning in my chair when the best I can come up with is "the need to replace your grips periodically."

Even my three-year old daughter looked pitifully at me and said quietly, "Papaís going dien again..."

Fortunately, Dean Cashion from Indochine Golf Experience (IGE), "Skyped me" with details on his upcoming events, thus saving you from being bored out of your skulls as I ramble on endlessly about soapy water, scotch-brite pads, rubber vs leather and of course, half-cords...

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dean or his brainchild, IGE, let me fill you in a bit.

Dean woke up one morning in 2001 and realised that golf professionals, directors of golf, general managers and marketing managers have their hands full with just keeping the members of their respective clubs happy, so they would probably welcome professional assistance in booking and running tournaments.

He was right.

The IGE organised Ladies Open 2007, to be held on Friday, October 26 at Vietnam Golf & Country Clubís West Course, is the first 'Ladies Only' golf tournament in Vietnam.

This is an Stableford format and is open to every level of golfer and just to keep things fun and increase the "value for money" feeling, this event will also feature a Putting Clinic and Contest.

The best news is that all profits from the tournament will benefit Operation Smile programs in Vietnam.

The other hot IGE event is the 2007 SPE (Viet Nam Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers) Charity Golf & Tennis Tournament which will be held on November 9, 10 and 11 2007 in Vung Tau.

The golf tournament will feature two rounds of 4-ball scramble with morning and afternoon starting times on Friday ,November 9 and Saturday, November 10 at the Paradise Golf Club in Vung Tau. 

The Tennis Tournament will be a round robin event held at OSC Sports and Tourist JSC Tennis Complex Vung Tau. The Tennis Tournament will be held on Saturday November 10 and Sunday November 11.

Last years event was a great success.  With the support of generous tournament sponsors and golf and tennis participants, in excess of US$90,000.00 was raised for the SPE Scholarship Fund and The 15th of May School in Ho Chi Minh City and they expect to raise even more this year to benefit three very worthy charities: the Loreto Children's Foundation; Children's Hospital #1 in District 10 and the third will be a worthy charity in Vung Tau which has yet to be selected.

According to Dean, over 300 golfers have confirmed their entry and 30 more are on the waiting list. On the tennis side, 120 players have already confirmed their participation.

When you consider all the bad things happening in the world, its refreshing to see that other people are doing what they can to help the less fortunate.

If you combine all the money raised by the various charities in Vietnam, youíd realise that this is not a "poor country" by any stretch of the imagination.

Hearts of gold are priceless...

Now, as I have some space left over, allow me to bore you a bit on the subject of grips.

Golf proís know the importance of keeping the grips of the clubs in good condition because worn and slippery grips cause you to hold the club too tightly, which, in turn, reduces the amount of power in each shot.

Unfortunately, many amateur players donít realise this and continue to play with worn grips.

Players should clean rubber grips with warm, soapy water and let them dry naturally in the sun from time to time. Oils from skin and sun block tends to reduce the rubberís natural tackiness so keeping them clean is vital.

When a grip is too worn, it should be replaced and many golf courses and driving ranges offer this service. Its been said that new grips can make the entire set feel brand new and its true.

Let your local pro check your grips and see if your clubs are killing your game.

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