By Robert Bicknell

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October 14, 2007

Once again, Wie shows no classÖ

In golf, as well as life, action speak louder than words. If youíre gonna talk big, then youíd better produce and if you donít believe me, ask Phil Mickelson. He talked a great game but continued to fail when it counted most...in the majors.. However, once he won one...everything changed.

Sometimes, inaction can speak louder than a bad action, but donít try to explain this fact to my favourite bashing target, Michelle Wie as I cannot help but continued to be amazed by her complete lack of class.

Wie had a perfect opportunity to show a bit of class by turning down the sponsorís exemption to this yearís Samsung World Championship and allowing someone else, who was in peak condition and could really use the break, to have the exemption instead...

But, nooooooooo...

Wie has as much chance of winning this event as I do beating Tiger Woods one-on-one at Phan Thiet, but she refused to do the right thing and withdraw and worse, when people shoved this fact into her face, her team claimed that nobody asked her to return the exemption.

This is not a girl who should be going to Stamford, especially after her comments of "the lectures ... are amazing," she said. "I write pages and pages of notes. I never really experienced that before..."

Duh, errrrr...hello? Airhead...its college, not high school, just like the LPGA isnít the Hawaiian Ladies Amateur. You have to step up your game to an entirely new level and that takes a lot of preparation.

Let us recap her stellar year competing on the LPGA...she "injured" her wrist, only completed two out of seven events, got disqualified a few times, shot only one round under par, and had a feud with Annika Sorenstam.

Sounds like a rousing success.

The only good thing facing Ms. Wie is that sheís guaranteed money in the Samsung event because there isnít a cut. All she has to do is avoid being DQíd again and she takes home more than her total earnings on the golf course all year.

Finally, some good news for Michelle Wie.

Barring a bad drop that gets her disqualified, or a recurring wrist injury that causes her to withdraw, she is guaranteed her largest pay check this season. That's only because the Samsung World Championship doesn't have a cut, but that's beside the point.

I still donít see the value of her participating in the event. She already has so much money in the bank that she can coast through the rest of her school years without having to worry about tuition or anything else for that matter, so is it just greed?

If she plays horribly, which is highly likely, her credibility will be shot and we can expect a blizzard of excuses ranging from injury, re-injury, lack of practice, Leadbetter screwed around with her swing, college work is too demanding, blah, blah blah. Of course, she can always just take another illegal drop and save the excuses for another time.

Please, itís enough to give me shpilkes in my genecktigazoink.

Now, speaking of Annika...when Team Wie refused to give back the invitation so Sorenstam could attend, IMG and the LPGA Tour changed the criteria by tossing in an exemption for active Hall of Famers, which, of course was awarded to Annika.

Unfortunately for the organizers, Sorenstam showed a lot off class by turning down the invitation, which mustíve been painful thing as sheís a five-time winner of the event.

Perhaps, Annika thought about the state of her game, her physical health and that someone else could really enjoy the event and so, by NOT playing, demonstrated how a legitimate superstar is supposed to act.

The last spot at Bighorn thus went to Sarah Lee, who has 69 fewer victories and 10 fewer majors than Sorenstam.

Intentional or not, Sorenstam sent Wie a powerful message about doing the right thing and Team Wie should learn from this episode. Nobody wants to come out to see someone who might not finish an event through a voluntary "injury" withdrawal, or a DQ.

Michelle Wie is now learning what the difference is between high school and college, itís a pity she never took the time to learn the difference between amateur golf and the LPGA.

Wie should learn from Professor SorenstamÖ

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