By Robert Bicknell

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July 8, 2007

Its all in the wrist…

Before I start Teeing Off on different issues, last week, Viet Nam News carried a story in which many young Vietnamese ladies confessed to smoking cigarettes citing it was "fashionable."

Look idiots, if you think that any man wants a girlfriend or wife with bad breath, stained teeth, high chances of catching a respiratory disease or lung cancer, endangering the health of your future unborn children and dying a sickening death while you feverously suck oxygen from a tube as you cough up your lungs, than you’re sadly mistaken.

Secondly, if you think smoking is the height of fashion then you need to have a complete mental examination because you’re shallow individual and need to get a life.

I CAN say this because I AM a smoker and wish to G-d that I had never started in the first place. Its not easy to quit and the best way is to not have been stupid enough to have ever started.

Now then, my column of two weeks ago was a howling success anyway you look at it because not only did I keep my record of inaccurate predictions intact by picking Michelle Wie to win, it also put a giant whammy on her as well.

Not only did she not win or make the cut, she didn’t even finish!

Yes, she blamed her wrist as expected, which was a major disappointment as I hoped for something different and original...you know, blame it on global warming, concerns over illegal aliens or even UFO sightings.

Now, lets get down to the issue of this wrist injury and I will be as honest and accurate as I can for a change in hopes that it actually might help her.

In early February 2007, Michelle Wie supposedly injured her wrist in a fall while running and would wear a hard cast that will keep her away from golf for at least a month,.

Six months later, she withdrew from a tournament citing a she "tweaked" it, only to be found practicing at another tournament site two days later.

Uh huh...

Look, I know quite a bit about wrist injuries for a couple of reasons. First off, my parents wanted me to be a doctor, but the main reason is because I incurred a serious wrist injury in 1990 and suffered for two years of incorrect diagnosis.

In late 1989, my 8-iron from 160 yards came to an abrupt stop when the head of the club wedged in one of the cracks in the ground which was hidden by the long grass and resulted in the shattering of the Triangular Firbrocartliage (TFC) in my left-wrist.

You could’ve heard my scream on the moon.

Medical jargon notwithstanding, the TFC is exactly what it sounds like; a triangular-shaped cartilage disc, and he TFCC (triangular fibrocartilage complex) acts as a cushion for this area and also improves the range of motion and gliding action within the wrist joint.

Damage to the TFC usually occur through torque injuries (such as hitting a golf ball) or a fall on an outstretched wrist (which Wie’s family claims had occurred)

If she’s been having treatment since February and it isn’t healed by now, her doctors should start looking carefully at the TFCC.

For two years I kept playing with a shattered TFC because the doctor refused to do a CAT Scan, kept telling me it was tendonitis and kept shooting me up with cortisone until an old Thai monk who specialised in hand and wrist therapy correctly diagnosed it.

When I made pure contact there was no problem, but if I hit so much as a five-yard fade, I’d be on my knees in pain.

When Wie claims that "some days are better than others" it sounds like a possible TFCC problem, but I am not at all convinced that she isn’t faking, especially in light that her family refused to disclose the diagnosis of the injury and have remained very vague about the whole thing.

For the record, the doctor finally CAT scanned it and I had surgery a few days later. If I had gone to the monk earlier, I could’ve saved myself two years of agony.

Maybe Michelle Wie should seek out a Thai monk…or a psychiatrist.

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