With over 30 years as a golf professional (20 of them in Asia), Robert Bicknell has developed an interesting insight into the way golf and life are mirror images of each other.

Sometimes brash, often humorous, Bicknell has a way of cutting to the heart of the matter which leaves the guilty party with no place to hide from themselves. For the last 16 years, Bicknell has managed not only to survive, but thrive in Vietnam and not getting sent to Lao Cai for having a big mouth...is in itself an accomplishment.

Sunday Vietnam News, the nation's English language daily.
Robert has been actively entertaining readers since 1998 with his "unique" insights into golf and life.
Currently published his 500th column.

Vietnam Golf Magazine, launched in 2005.
Is the official magazine of the Hanoi Golf Club.

Vietnam Golf & Life Magazine, launched in 2006.
Is the official magazine of the Saigon Golf Club.
Covers mostly topics from the south and features the best looking models in Vietnam

Robert went head to head with himself on CNN and lost (as usual).
Still, it proves that he can be funny while going down in flames...